Campus Training

EXACKT offers a bunch of courses and training programs for the students to start their professional career. The training will be  conducted at the institute through domain experts having an eye on the industrial development. Customization of courseware and flexibility in schedule are add-on features for the smooth transition of campus training; without creating any hassle in the pre-determined academic calendar. Participants of our 6 months and 4/6 weeks industrial training workshops gain exposure to work challenges and their effective solutions.
  • Job Orriented Courses

The training course contents are designed under the expert of professionals from the relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market.

  • Theory in Practice

Build a connection between theoretical concepts & their practical implementation in live scenarios. Practical exposure gives proficiency in problem solving which is important aspect to become an industry-ready.  

  • Project-Based Training
Developing domain based live projects helps students understand how to implement theory in providing application. Coming up with effective solution and error-free coding/designing on the real-life problems under the expert mentorship surely builds confidence in the students.
  • Domain Expert From Industry
Leverage getting trained by the well experienced industrial professionals. Get insight of the market scenario and the latest trends.
  • Events and Workshops
Authorized to attend the workshops, webinars, and other events organized by the company, will leap you ahead for success.
  • Job-Placement Facilitation

On successful completion of the training program, we also provide job-placement assistance to the participants attempting to gain foothold in the competitive industries.

  • 24*7 E-learning Admittance
Evaluate and devise your learning through information provided in the form of study material, sample assessments, training videos,  mock tests, detailed analysis of your test performance etc.

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