Machines are the basic needs of a human’s life. We all are using a different kind of machines and systems in our daily life. Many revolutionary things affect our lifestyle daily and we can’t deny that upcoming time completely depends on Machines. As a wise man once said “from Pen’s nib to Pant’s zip” we all are surrounded by the machines. We use many Electric and Electronic Kits,Devices and circuits which are based upon embedded system technology.

What is Embedded System?

Embedded Means Something that is attached to another thing. We can say an Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and Software . It can be independent or a part of a large organisation . It can be a Microcontroller or Microprocessor based system. Embedded Systems are designed to do a specific task repeatedly.

Embedded systems are widely used in the world right now as households like Washing Machine, Digital Camera, Calculator etc and day by day usage of these kinds of systems is increasing in market.

Embedded means a thing which is attached to another thing as well as we will also be embedded with everyone who wants to learn, So be a part of the revolution and JOIN US to know how your coffee machine or your washing machine works and how you can create such machines which help humankind in their daily needs.

What are the Applications of Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems are widely used in many different types of sectors like digital electronics, telecommunications, computing network, smart cards, satellite systems, military defence system equipment, research system equipment etc. Here we will know about some basic applications of Embedded System.


  • Motor and Cruise Control System
  • Safety of body and Engine
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Air Bag Technology
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  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Computing and Networking
  • Robotics in assembly line
  • Mobile Access
  • E-Com


  • Security System 
  • Defence and Aerospace 
  • Telephone and Banking 
  • Communication 


  • Calculator 
  • Digital Camera and Set top Boxes 
  • Washing Machine 
  • Password Based Lockers 
  • Touch less LED switch