In Robotics we learn the conception, design, manufacture, and operations of Robots. Simply we can say robots are the devices that can move and react to sensory input. As we all know robots are widely used in factories to perform the given tasks as Welding and Riveting. Sometimes Robots used in the situations that would be dangerous for Human-like Defusing Bombs and clean chemical waste. If Rajinikanth’s Robot movie can earn 200 crores then why we can’t earn by creating some amazing Robots (We know Rajinikanth is a Legend and we are not). JOIN US Today to know more about Robots and their future contributions.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the study about Robots. Robots are the simple machines that can suitable for human and replicate human actions. Robots are used in any type of situation and for any purpose. When we see in the future, we see robots as an integral part of our lives. “Robots- By the Humans, For the Humans”. As life is unimaginable today without electricity, it will be the same without Robots one day.

Robots are classified in  three types:-

  • Simple Level Robots– Do not contain Complex circuits. Developed just to extend human Potential. Ex.- Washing Machine.
  • Middle Level Robots– Programmed robots but can never be reprogrammed. Contains sensor based circuits and also can perform multiple tasks. Ex.- Fully Automatic Washing Machine.
  • Complex Level Robots– Programmed robots and can be reprogrammed as well. Contains complex model based circuits. Ex.- Laptop and Computers.
What are the Applications of Robotics?

Currently, robots are doing many things in many different-different sectors. The amount of tasks delegated to the Robots is rising progressively. We can categorize robotic applications by their work.


  • Material Handling Robots
  • Painting Robots
  • Welding Robots
  • Packing Robots
  • Counting Robotics


  • Surgical Treatment Robots
  • Rehabilitation Robots
  • Bio Robots
  • Telepresence Robots
  • Pharmacy and Disinfection Robots


  • Pool Cleaner Robots
  • Sweeper Robots
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Kitchen Robots
  • Car Cleaner Robots


  • Bomb Discarding Robots
  • Shipping Robots
  • Exploration Drones
  • Space Exploration
  • Space Rovers